The Blue Mansion, Penang

Tuesday, the 26th of September 2017

The Blue Mansion was the first place we went to see after arriving in Penang. Since this historical house opens to visitors only three times a day, we joined the guided tour at 3:30pm. Our ferry from Langkawi had just arrived and after checking into our hotel, we conventiently walked to the Blue Mansion and spend the remaining time until the start of the tour drinking iced bubble tea from a mobile vendor in front. Tourists cannot enter the estate without a tour guide and only some rooms are open to the public, while half of the property is used as a hotel with fine dining restaurant.

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Advanced Chinese Patriotism

Today at the Dentist… – Heute beim Zahnarzt…

Oral hygiene 2.0 – Mundhygiene 2.0

What you don’t see in the picture is the four lane city highway right behind us and the perfectly ordinary pedestrian walkway right in front of the dentist’s window.

Was man auf dem Bild nicht sehen kann ist die vierspurige Stadtautobahn direkt hinter uns und der nichts ahnen lassende Bürgersteig, der direkt am Praxisfenster vorbeiführt.


First Things First

Arrived in BJ today at 1pm local time, caught a cab downtown, dropped off our luggage at the Hutong and went in search of the first (and yummiest) Uighur restaurant we could find. Although five years passed since we last been here, its like we never left! Home away from home!