Food Frenzy at Tairyo Tepanyaki

An afterwork friday night food frenzy at a tepanyaki restaurant in Sanlitun by definition makes you wish you had more than one stomach to fill – it’s just so good. Obviously, an All You Can Eat & Drink deal doesn’t help in preventing an overkill of fresh prawns, scallops, sashimi, lamb chops, steak, and all the other good stuff that is showcooked right in front of our taste buds. The saddest moment comes when the waitress announces the last round before closing time and you find yourself leaving the restaurant together with the staff.

Mighty Mo’s Mussel & Beer Bar – The Hatchery

Mighty Mo’s History

“The saltiest of seadogs who travelled the South Pacific in search of the world’s finest seafood. Over his years of buccaneering, he found the New Zealand green-lipped mussel to be supreme and spent his remaining years in the Antipodes dodging pirates and perfecting the mussel pot. In his quest he found crafty beers to be the heartiest accompaniment and we are proud to bring the spoils of his years of toil and seafaring to the bows of Tuanjiehu, Beijing.”

Burgers @kAtchup’s & Cocktails @MaoMaoChong’s

We try to try something new every week, and yesterday we sampled Katchup’s Burgers and MMC’s cocktails.

We each had a massive ‘Manhattan Monster’ (7oz of fresh ground beef, fried egg, chili beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a handfull of fried onion rings) in a menu with a spinach salad w/ tofu feta, baby artichokes & olives and a side of four gigantic fries. For 88 RMB, including a soft drink. It was delicious! The onion rings were crispy and abundant, the meat grilled on point. The chili sauce added a nice fruity touch to the whole affair and the fries reminded me a little of the Belgium once we have at home. The dressing of the spinach salad lacked a little imagination, although it came with a generous portion of olives and artichokes.

Address: 东城区交道口南大街53-1号 [Jiaodaokou Nandajie 53-1]

Not too far away from kAtchup, there is an award-winning cocktail bar called Mao Mao Chong [毛毛虫].


Here is what we ordered:

Mao Mao Chong_2016-02-17

Bangkok Hilton [Thai tea-infused scotch, pandan rum, crème de cassis and bitter].


Shit Hot Whiskey Sour [Bourbon, lemon juice, brown sugar, and grape bitters]. And no, I didn’t invent the name.

Both cocktails were very good, expertly made, but too strong for my taste. We will definitly go there again, but I think I will go for something different next time.

Address: 东城区交道口南大街板厂胡同12号 [12 Banchang Hutong].

El Gatto Caffe in Lishi Hutong

Cute little bar serving a variety of imported beers. Although not Duisburg’s Finkenkrug, there are several German Beer choices and – among others – two Chinese local brews, the Red Honey Ale and the Kuding Pale Ale. Located right next to 161 Hotel, where many foreigner stayed (they have a German website), its porch makes it an excellent spot to people watch.

Nette kleine Bar, die eine Auswahl an importierten Biersorten bietet. Obwohl es nicht an Duisburgs Finkenkrug herankommt, gibt es dennoch einige deutsche Biersorten, sowie zwei Chinese Biere, das Red Honey Ale und das Kuding Pale Ale. Die Bar befindet sich direkt neben dem 161 Hotel, in dem auch viele Ausländer unterkommen (sie haben sogar eine deutschsprachige Website), daher eignet sich die Außenterasse als idealer Aussichtpunkt um Leute zu beobachten.