Rescued kitten Baobao The Brave – Two successes in one day!!

October 07th, 2016

Little Bao is recovering fast! When we took him home two days ago after his second visit to the vet, he was still quite shaky on his legs, prefered to lie down rather than sitting up, and didn’t like to be touched at all. He was painfully shy, recoiled when seeing a human hand trying to pet his head, and let out a little baby snarl when someone peeked into his box. Over the last few days however we fed him continuously with wet kitten food furhter softened with warm water and mashed up with a fork. We installed a folded heating blanket under one side of his box where he slept most of the day and kept him warm. We administered his eye and nose medicine four time a day and combed him every chance we got to furhter remove dead fleas and the incrusted nests they had built in Baobaos fluffy under wool. Then this morning he surprised us all when he started playing with a bottle cork, nudging it with his paw and jumping out at it like it was prey. He also didn’t recoil into the farthest corner of his banana box when he saw us approach and softly bumped his head against my hand to ask for more cuddles. Below are two short videos of B’s recent progress, of which many more are hopefully to come very soon!

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