Andy Warhol’s “Contact” in 798 Art district

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Probably the best (and arguably only) way to visit the Andy Warhol exhibition currently shown in 798. Its a ridiculous 80 Kuai entrance fee and really has close to nothing to offer. I knew AW had a very common and simple take on things, but now I'm convinced that he was just one of those people who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and had a whole lot of luck to become famous. On the other hand it was very inspirational: even if you have virtually no talent and even less creativity (cmon, he even copied this cow motive from a cheap magazine), you can have a career as an international pop artist. Way to go, Andy. (Apologies for speaking ill of the dead) #china #instachina #beijing #instabeijing #peking #798 #artdistrict #andywarhol #popartist #campbellsoup #riceisthenewbread #ritnb

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