Burgers @kAtchup’s & Cocktails @MaoMaoChong’s

We try to try something new every week, and yesterday we sampled Katchup’s Burgers and MMC’s cocktails.

We each had a massive ‘Manhattan Monster’ (7oz of fresh ground beef, fried egg, chili beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a handfull of fried onion rings) in a menu with a spinach salad w/ tofu feta, baby artichokes & olives and a side of four gigantic fries. For 88 RMB, including a soft drink. It was delicious! The onion rings were crispy and abundant, the meat grilled on point. The chili sauce added a nice fruity touch to the whole affair and the fries reminded me a little of the Belgium once we have at home. The dressing of the spinach salad lacked a little imagination, although it came with a generous portion of olives and artichokes.

Address: 东城区交道口南大街53-1号 [Jiaodaokou Nandajie 53-1]

Not too far away from kAtchup, there is an award-winning cocktail bar called Mao Mao Chong [毛毛虫].


Here is what we ordered:

Mao Mao Chong_2016-02-17

Bangkok Hilton [Thai tea-infused scotch, pandan rum, crème de cassis and bitter].


Shit Hot Whiskey Sour [Bourbon, lemon juice, brown sugar, and grape bitters]. And no, I didn’t invent the name.

Both cocktails were very good, expertly made, but too strong for my taste. We will definitly go there again, but I think I will go for something different next time.

Address: 东城区交道口南大街板厂胡同12号 [12 Banchang Hutong].

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