Happy Chinese New Year!

Last week Beijing welcomed the Year of the Monkey with a week-long holiday and incredibly loud fireworks. We participated with the kids’ version of some of these rockets and were impressed by the large variety of firecrackers available.

This Video was taken during one of the last days of Chinese New Year 2016 in front of the Worker’s Stadium. Two guys kept bringing out new firework batteries out of the back of their trucks and always lit two massive cases of them at once, to make the lightshow even more impressive. The sound of the video is much quieter than it was live, you really had to cover your ears while watching.


  1. Stefanie · February 17, 2016

    Bei uns war nahezu nichts los…war richtig enttäuscht. 😦


    • RITNB · February 17, 2016

      Gerade an New Year’s Eve konnten wir kaum schlafen, so lange und laut wurde geboellert! Wir wohnen in der Naehe vom Chaoyangpark und auch die ganze Woche ueber gab es Raketen und Knaller en masse. Interessant, wie unterschiedlich das Ganze wahrgenommen werden kann innerhalb einer Stadt! =)


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