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Documenting our adventure to move from Germany’s industrial state of North Rhine-Westphalia [NRW] to China’s capital Beijing, this blog is meant to keep our families, friends and general China enthusiasts updated on our experiences and daily routines. Knowing us, this will turn out to be mainly about the local cuisine in all its glorious flavours and facets – visually stunning and downright mouth-watering. So lean back and join our journey!

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The idea to keep track of our exeriences abroad in an online blog was born out of the desire to make those memories timeless for ourselves. The intensity and details of places, of people you met, of local food you ate, often fades away in the general sensory overload of today’s life. The things you experience just become transitory so easily that it should be worth it to highlight specifics and make the impressions last. The main purpose of this project is thus to better preserve the richness of tastes, smells, views, and feels of the destinations we visited, like a digital window back to that moment of travel.

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